PATROL is an operating system that makes HEVO unique. Conventional alarm system are passive which means they only send alarm signals to your alarm central when a threat is detected and the alarm system is in ARMED mode. PATROL is an advanced real-time bi-directional system that monitors the state of your home alarm whether it is armed or unarmed. If, for any reason, HEVO cannot connect to our servers, we would detect a problem and keep you informed.


PATROL is a fully automatic system that can be customized to keep you / or emergency services informed.


PATROL will try to reach your alarm central through your Internet. If, for any reason, PATROL cannot acquire access to the Internet, it will move to the second stage.


PATROL will then try to reach the alarm central via cellular network (GSM). At this point, it will analyze if a cellular jammer could be involved.


PATROL will contact you and / or the authorities. PATROL can be customized to reach you first and allow you to decide whether emergency services should be requested.

Z-Wave devices

HEVO can control any Z-Wave device included within its network. The interactive platform (Android and IPhone) enables you to create scenes in a room or in the entire house. HEVO's interactive platform uses your GPS in your cell phone and provides you with the ability to trigger an action based on your location. For example, when you are within proximity to your residence, all the outdoor lights will be signaled to turn on, and if desired, your front door can be unlocked.


Thanks to PATROL, Hevo have various options to send signal to your alarm central. It will prioritize your Internet as a default gateway but if for any reason Hevo is not able to reach you alarm central, it will automatically switch to a cellular network.

Un-armed alarm

Hevo has the capability to detect an intruder while the alarm system is not in armed mode. We establish time and days that your residence should be empty and within that timeframe if Hevo detect any movement it will alert you via text message. At this point, you have the choice to forward that threat to you central alarm or deal with it yourself

Hevo and Patrol

Hevo and Patrol work in pair in order to bridge the information between your alarm system and you alarm central. It's the only system that will still be 100% in operation even when no power, no internet, no cellular network is available.